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1 session

1 Coaching Session 45min (Zoom)

+ Text/SMS support Mo-Fr

valid 1 month

1900 kr

3 session package

3 Coaching Sessions 45min (Zoom)

+ Text/SMS support Mo-Fr

valid 3 month

5500 kr

6 session package

6 Coaching Sessions 45min (Zoom)

+ Text/SMS support Mo-Fr

valid 6 month

10000 kr


As a women's well-being coach I specialise in guiding women through the transformative phases of their life such as perimenopause and menopause, often referred to as the second spring in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This perspective views menopause as a renewal of energy and opportunities—a shift from fertility and reproduction to conserving and nourishing the self. My coaching approach aims to foster holistic wellbeing in body, mind, and spirit through a comprehensive framework grounded in three foundational pillars: 1. Connection: - Emphasizing the importance of building meaningful relationships—with oneself, others, and the natural world. - Practices of self-awareness, empathy, and connecting with nature's healing power foster a deep sense of belonging and understanding. - Through this pillar, women learn to embrace their journey of transition with grace and self-compassion. 2. Renewal: - Focuses on nurturing self-care practices and achieving balance essential for sustaining resilience. - Prioritizes physical rejuvenation, emotional wellbeing, creative expression, and spiritual nourishment. - Integration of these elements supports women in preventing burnout and cultivating vitality during this significant life transition. 3. Change: - Views change as an opportunity for growth and transformation. - Guides women in navigating the shifts and uncertainties of this phase with resilience. - Encourages exploration of new perspectives, fostering positive behavioral changes, and embracing personal growth to thrive amidst change and transition. Through personalized coaching sessions, Rooting for Earth provides a supportive space where women can embrace their life journey with empowerment, resilience, and holistic wellbeing at its core.

Creative Visioning for entrepreneurs, leaders and teams

My Creative Visioning sessions empowers women entrepreneurs, leaders, and teams to harness their intuitive intelligence through artistic expression. I guide groups through highly individualized sessions conducted on demand and in-house, where we create artwork that reflects their present situation in relation to the inherent values in their eco-system. Using a blend of guided meditations, creative expression techniques, reflections, and embodiment practices, I facilitate a process where the invisible becomes visible. This approach allows participants to gain deep insights into their current dynamics, challenges, and opportunities for evolution. Key Features of my Creative Visioning Sessions: - Intuitive Intelligence:I encourage participants to tap into their intuitive intelligence to uncover insights and perspectives that may not be readily apparent through conventional methods. - Artistic Expression:Through guided artistic creation, teams visualize and externalize complex ideas, fostering deeper understanding and alignment. - Individual Adaptation: Sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each group, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in addressing specific organizational goals and challenges. - On-Demand and In-House:My flexible scheduling allows sessions to be conducted when and where it suits your team best, fostering convenience and engagement. My Creative Visioning service is not just about creating art; it’s about fostering clarity, innovation, and actionable insights that propel your organization forward. Join me in transforming your team’s vision into tangible outcomes through the power of intuitive creativity and collaborative exploration.

Embodied Herbalism Workshops

Embodied Herbalism Workshops for small groups are designed around the themes of Earth cycles and exploring plant wisdom and incorporate intuitive art-making, journaling, and embodiment practices. These workshops aim to awaken the natural wisdom within each participant and foster a deeper connection to nature, promoting personal growth and holistic well-being. My Workshops are crafted for small groups, offering transformative experiences centered on the themes of Earth cycles and the power of intuitive art-making, journaling, and active imagination. What to Expect: Earth-Centric Themes: My workshops are inspired by the wisdom found in Earth's natural cycles—birth, growth, decay, and renewal. Through experiential learning and guided activities, participants explore these themes to deepen their understanding of personal growth and resilience. Intuitive Art-Making: Participants engage in spontaneous and expressive art activities that encourage creative exploration and emotional expression. These sessions are designed to unlock inner creativity and foster a sense of empowerment through artistic expression. Journaling and Active Imagination: I incorporate journaling prompts and exercises in active imagination to delve deeper into personal insights about plants, dreams, and aspirations. These practices support self-reflection and provide tools for navigating life's challenges with resilience and clarity. My workshops aim to: - Awaken Natural Wisdom: Foster a profound connection with nature and tap into the inherent wisdom within each participant. - Promote Personal Growth: Support individuals in their journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being. - Enhance Resilience: Equip participants with tools and practices to navigate life's transitions with creativity, resilience, and grace. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, personal growth, or a deeper connection to nature, our Creative Resilience Workshops offer a nurturing space for exploration and transformation. Join me to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through art, nature, and community.

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