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Embody the change you want to create

Rooting for Earth facilitates workshops that provide access to creative intelligence by integrating nature, art, and contemplative practices. Through this unique blend, participants tap into their innate creativity, fostering intuitive insights and innovative solutions. Guided by the wisdom of nature, individuals and teams transform challenges into opportunities for positive change, envisioning a future where all life on Earth flourishes. These workshops empower participants to unleash their creative potential, enhancing communication, leadership skills, and organizational coherence.


Creative Intelligence

Our creative intelligence is a natural part of who we are as humans, but it often gets overshadowed by the stress of everyday life. However, through specific creative processes and embodied practices, we can tap into this innate wellspring of creativity. Rooting for Earth is dedicated to empowering you to unlock the channels to your deepest intuitive resources, allowing you to access unique perspectives and generate innovative solutions to the challenges you encounter.

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