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Hello, I'm Nathalie

For over a decade, I've immersed myself in fostering Food Systems change, playing roles as an activist, CSA organizer, project manager, and facilitator. Through this journey, I've realized that genuine change commences from within. To achieve the sustainable solutions we strive for, we must harmonize with nature's voice and tap into our inherent creative intelligence. My focus has evolved towards empowering leaders, aiding them in elevating their awareness and discovering their personal or collaborative missions dedicated to serving Mother Earth. This involves embracing the profound insights nature provides and unlocking our embodied creativity for innovative solutions.


My background

Transformational Coach & Conscious Change Facilitator

Coaching & Psychology

2024 Embodied Coaching Masterclass with Mark Walsh

2020 Diploma in Transformative Coaching - Animas Coaching UK

2018 - 2019 Jungian Psychology lectures program Jung Centre Dublin

2013 - 2014 Social studies and Counseling course, ARLT Foundation

Plant Medicine & Plant Spirit Healing

2024 - 2028 Way of the Wise Healer apprenticeship with Carole Guyett, Ireland

2021 - 2022 Plant spirit healing - 1 year apprenticeship with Carole Guyett, Ireland

2020 - 2021 Co-creative Partnership with nature - 1 year Mentorship Programme with Pamela Montgomery,USA

Meditation, Mindfulness and Creativity

2024 U-Lab 2.0 Presencing Institute Awareness-based Systemic change Lab

2024 Divination - 10-month trance posture programme with Belinda Gore, PhD

2023 Metamorphosis - 10-month trance posture journeys programme with Belinda Gore, PhD

2022 Exploring the World Tree - 10-month trance posture journeys programme with Belinda Gore

2021 - 2022 Colour of Woman - Intentional Creativity programme with Shiloh Sophia Intentional Creativity Foundation

2021 Creative writing - 6-week Mentorship with Lucie Brownlee

2020 Shamanic Journeying with Sandra Ingerman

2020 1 year Celtic Leader Programme with Nadine McCarthy

2018 Mindful Societal Change Lab TU- MIT

2012 - ongoing Qi Gong & Tai Chi with various teachers

Academic education

2016 Master of Science Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security, NUI Galway

2003 Bachelor of International Business Management, Uni Flensburg

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